Lina Ekstrand: grumpy girls illustrated

Way to cool drawings by Lina Ekstrand, a Sweden/Berlin based illustrator. Take your time to discover all grumpy looking girls and cute thingies that are scattered around, like the creepers, the studs, the palmtrees and the macarons.

See more of her portfolio here (image source), or check out her own site.

2 opmerkingen:

Luna Supernova zei

ohmygosh, i love this, how fantastic. i'll have to look her up, she really is one talented lady.

Jotta.com zei

Amazing work. You can read more about her on jotta.com, and she has two large pieces that can be seen here- http://store.jotta.com/category/limited-edition-prints/lina-ekstrand-todo-es-vanidad/