Alice and Danny

Pretty cool shots by Letty Schmiterlow (found via thepetfanclub). For more see her flickr and blogspot!


Dom Smith

Dom Smith is a photographer based in New York. Follow the link for more work. I love the calmness in his work, how his models show a certain imperturbability, without looking uninterested.


Marc Roy - Excerpts of psychedelic daytimes

Pretty spacey stuff by Marc Roy. Some of it is actually as he says "a visual narrative of some of my psychedelic experiences." He is a graduate from Brighton University, now working for Urban Inks at Post Expose Studio in New York, doing some freelance work besides. Without knowing, I was allready familiar with his work, because this sick cover for Crystal Castles' Crimewave was done by him. Judged by his writing on his site, he's pretty much into thinking about the logical, eternity, geometry, deity, intergalactic happenings, matter and time, the irrational. It sounds as if he sometimes wants to dissolve into pure natural cosmic particles. There is much more I'd like to show, but I'd suggest to just take a look for yourself here and here.



viktor vauthier strikes again

When two friends collide, it sometimes make for brilliant shots. here's douglas neitzke shot by Ilovefake favorite, viktor vauthier


Anders Lindén

Anders Lindén has a minimalist approach in his dark, moody pictures. He doesn't need much to create this atmoshpere. There's nothing really creepy around, but still his pics give an unheimisch feeling to me. I wouldn't feel very comfortable walking around in his scenery, getting the creeps from every crispy sound or sudden movement in the corner of my eye. Don't stare too long at this if you're planning to sleep, or it might hunt you in your dreams.


Dylan Forsberg

When dylan forsberg, (ex)model, photographer living in New York picks up a camera he's not afraid to experiment with light and analog cameras, what makes him interesting to me is that he's not afraid to take very personal, often dreamy photos of his friends without censorship.

For the lucky ones in Toronto..

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