What captured me immediately in these photos by Niall O'Brien is the contrast between the soft, sometimes almost girly/dreamy atmosphere and the pretended toughness of the boys pictured. But actually, when looking at their faces, you see you can't really speak of a contrast here. Those boys, I don't think they will really hurt anyone. I like the fact that though they dress themselves like punks, O'Brien didn't pictured them like a bunch of tough, fearless rascals. They kind of look cute, but I'd probably better not tell em.


Lina Österman, graduated in 2008 from Central Saint Martins, showed her grunge meets gothic/Victorian romance SS10 collection during London Fashion Week at the Royal Festival Hall. Her design are quite androgynous, it doesn't matter whether the clothes end up on a male or female body. Before starting with this label, she was the creative mind behind Pudel. Back then she focused on more commercially acceptable, comfortable items. LinaÖsterman is darker, moodier, more conceptual and so I would say definitely more interesting. Click this to see some excerpts of her fall09 collection, it would be a miss if you wouldn't take notice of it.

image-source: blow.co.uk


We have featured LEON MARK before, but I'd like to bring him under attention again. Mark is a graduate from Central Saint Martins and got quite some attention on the web for his ed in the April issue of Dazed Japan, where he shot 22 male models in his beautifully film-ish style. Besides in Dazed, his work appeared in Vice, Blackbook and Metal among others. In his work -mainly with boys- he tries to focus on "youth and the feelings and emotions that come from this period of time" (via).

What I like about his work, is that although most of his photos are for fashion shoots, the clothes are not the most important thing. Foremost it is about the atmosphere, and the emotion. More can be seen at his website.


In July this year Chrissie Abbott showed her pyschedelic art-design at Downstairs at Mother galery in London (where Valerie Phillips was showing aswell, more on her later!). Her compositions contain typograhpy, nature and milkyway images, old 60's and 70's photographs, all in vivid Technicolors. She has produced commercial work for Virgin, MTV, Nike, Nylon, The New York Times and did the artwork for Little Boots. She is inspired by the apocalypse and tries "to bring a colourful interlude to all the negative imagery that we are constantly bombarded with" (via).

More of her work can be seen here or on her blog.


Fever Ray

The 5th of October Fever Ray's new single, Seven, has been released. This is the accompanying video, directed by Johan Renck. Recnk also directed "Daniel" for Bat for Lashes (listen that song if you don't know it!), Madonna's "Nothing really matters" and New Order's "Crystal" among others. Fever Ray's videos are all kind of confusing, slightly unheimisch, taking you to an airy world filled with puzzling creatures. That is, they are perfect for her music. Other video's can be seen at her site.


Like a ghost

This video is out of this world. I'm glad that filmography is taking us places we have never been before and creating something completely fresh and unusual. I am in love with Marco Brambilla's work and so should you. Check out more of his work here.

models.com presents an exclusive excerpt of the Marco Brambilla / Muse Magazine video: Ghost (Natasha Poly: Multiple Exposure) 2009


It's just a mere accident that Dana Lauren Goldstein was a former assistant of Kenneth Cappello (see a few posts below). Her work has appeared on the pages of i-D, Dazed and Confused, Vice, WAD, Intersection, and QVEST amongst others. According to the Saatchi Gallery website she is "highly influenced by theosophical and neo-plasticist principles". I don't know how we're supposed to see this reflected in her photos, but you might want to find that out by yourself: http://www.danalaurengoldstein.com/


Saga Sigurdardottir

The charming Icelandic blonde photographer Saga just shot a story for Ilovefake Magazine, it will be up in the upcoming eccentric issue. Check out more of her work here.


frankie nazardo

Frankie NAZARDO made a series of kids in a gang living on the streets in Kathmandu. The (often very young) kids spend their days scamming, begging and getting high on glue. The story is raw, honest and heart wrenching.

More here

Kenneth Capello was the former assistent of David LaChapelle, which you can see in his high intensity images. But where LaChapelle creates an surrealistic world filled with polished people, Cappello depicts the world in a more direct way. His works have been featured in i-D, Dazed & Confused, GQ, Vanity Fair and the likes. In 2008 he released his book Acid Drop with old snapshots of the skate scene of his youth (see more images of it here). He also directed a video for the Kills, and shot them several times. Here are some samples of his work.


Lina Scheynius

A while ago I discovered the work of Lina Scheynius. I felt in love immediatily with her intimate photography. It doesn't make a difference whether she is shooting some of her close friends or -more commercially- a model, it always feels really personal. She has shot Mariacarla Boscono for Another magazine (which is one of my favorite ed's of all time, see it for yourself here), she was part of an exposition curated by Tim Barber at New York photo festival and in november she will have a group-show at gallery Mycroft in Paris. I am really looking forward to see more of her work in the magazines.





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Sophie Stephens

Sophie Stephens is an illustrator based in London. Her drawings have featured Luella Bartley, Terry Richardson and have even been seen across Agyness Deyn's chest!Gregory