Dusk till Dawn: Lucy Carr-Ellison

Lucy Carr-Ellison designs a jewelry line with lots of skulls hanging around called Pretty Black, a reference to a pirate flag and the skulls, which according to her site is worn by the hippest in Manhattan. Besides this she is a photographer, which I think results in something that is far more interesting than her pieces of jewelry. She likes to shot youthful people, mostly friends, following them in the evening before they're going out or by day in their vulnerable moments. I sincerely hope she'll concentrate on photography. Keep updated yourself via her blogspot, or website.

2 opmerkingen:

+inanimatexistence zei

The last photo is simply stunning indeed, check out ou blog i feel you will appreciate what we are doing.

jennifer zei

ah deze zijn echt geweldig! ik houd van de sfeer en de beelden, als zijnde "random" foto's. en die ruis.. super!