Dusk till Dawn: Lucy Carr-Ellison

Lucy Carr-Ellison designs a jewelry line with lots of skulls hanging around called Pretty Black, a reference to a pirate flag and the skulls, which according to her site is worn by the hippest in Manhattan. Besides this she is a photographer, which I think results in something that is far more interesting than her pieces of jewelry. She likes to shot youthful people, mostly friends, following them in the evening before they're going out or by day in their vulnerable moments. I sincerely hope she'll concentrate on photography. Keep updated yourself via her blogspot, or website.






*genius: A person of extraordinary intellect and talent: "One is not born a genius, one becomes a genius" (Simone de Beauvoir).


Randy... you are sincerely missed

One year he passed away and still I feel sad that such a beautiful young one left way to soon.


Dark Romance with RYAN

I love Ryan Hollas (at FM Agency London) strong and moody appearance. Sometimes you see a photo and it's love at first sight, well yes it was just that with dear Ryan, and I can only hope to see glory and many major things for him in the future..

A new york city girl in Paris

Diary of Paris, Shot by Taylor Warren.
Here are some out takes of our feature on Taylor's incredibly charming, and ultra romantic point of view from Paris. Find out more in our upcoming CITY SLICKERS issue.

MATVEY by Alexandra Carr

Another tasty preview from our upcoming CITY SLICKERS issue...


I fell in love.. with Valerie

Valerie van der Graaf is with SPS Models in Amsterdam, shot by Jolijn Snijders




A preview of a new editorial for our upcoming CITY SLICKERS issue!
Shot by Frankie Nazardo in London. Frankie fucking rocks



Put Cole Mohr in front of your camera, and we'll surely like the result. Colin Dodgson did this, and (surprise) it turned out well. Born in LA in '84, now living in New York after studying photography in Santa Barbara. His style: Unpolished shots of playful adolescents, with an air of "who cares anyway". Dodgson doesn't seem to try to capture his subjects in their most beautiful way (and neither himself!). It seems like he prefers to snap just when his models don't concentrate on a photogenic face, which only makes his work more interesting to look at.

Want more? See here. Oh, and don't forget to take a look at this super cute ed he did for Contributing Editor.



Mudhoney, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and many more have been shot by Michael Lavine. Now they're all united in a book titled "Grunge", though it's not necessarily about grunge. When Lavine started shooting in Seattle in the 80's, he didn't focus on a particular scene. By naming this series of photos "Grunge", he wants to make us think about that word again. It is noteworthy that back then those kids were called punk. The term grunge came in later, actually as a kind of joke to create a terminology of what those bands where doing that time (via). But whether or not he wanted this book to be about grunge, when seeing Kurt Cobain on the last page, not hearing "grunge, grrrrunge, grungeeee" echoing in your head, is just impossible.

See more of his work here, and get the book here.


Shusei Nagaoka

In the 1970s and 1980s, the sci-fi art of Japanese illustrator Shusei Nagaoka appeared on numerous album covers and appeared in a variety of advertisements, magazines, and movie posters. This work is very inspiring...


Antonella Arismendi

With lots of triangles recurring, Argentinian Antonella Arismendi's pictures have an occult/mystique atmosphere. Not surprising her inspiration comes from spirituality, new world order, 2012 and astrology. (via)