James Blake

I could not resist sharing this with you. This is is perhaps the only thing i listen to at the moment, going K-K-KRAZY on it.
James blake is an upcomping Dubstep artist from Enfield, the 22 year old singer and producer is a music student who has turned heads in the dance world and beyond with his new EP "CMYK"!!
Although heavy bass underpins his sound, it also features inventive, emotionally resonant keys and heavily treated vocals. 
You will probably know him from the cover of feist's song "Limit to your love" which is MASSIVE right now.


Angelo Pennetta

The films of Angelo Pennetta just putted a little smile on my face , especially the christmass one for Topshop!!!
Enjoy kiddo's 

Love from Angelo Pennetta on Vimeo.

Topshop from Angelo Pennetta on Vimeo.


Let Me Introduce You To The Family

Because we're all stuck in the snow and we've got nothing better to do, than look for ridiculous things on the internet i want to share these awesome akward family pictures, please remember this for the family Christmas photo! I choked with laughter.

Zoo Kid

Love, nothin' but love for this one! for more visit http://zookid.bandcamp.com/

Zoo Kid - Out Getting Ribs from House Anxiety on Vimeo.


Summertime and the livin' is easy

It's all grey, cold and rainy outside but Juergen Teller created a great colorful S/S campaign for Marc Jacobs.



excuse my charisma


Act Da Fool

Proenza Schouler fall 2010 by Harmony Korine , SICK




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