Bella at Isle of Weight Festival

Purple Diary friends at Isle of Weight Festival 2010, photo by Bella Howard. LOOOOVE the feeling of Festival, summer, le fete forever.


Anna Trevelyan

I first noticed her shocking pink hair somewhere on a random streetstyle pic on the internet (months before all the blogs around got flooded by those sweet pink, mint, blue-ish coloured hairs in fancy magazine editorials), to find out a little later that she was actually a fashion-stylist, assisting Nicola Formichetti among others, named Anna Trevelyan. Once I knew her name and occupation, more of her work got my attention. She teamed up with photographer Saga Sigurdardottir, blogs en styles for Dazed and Confused, did an installation with Charlie Le Mindu, likes to set up some shocking menswear show with Jaiden rva James and more and more. Recently the Untitled Magazine was launched in Tokyo, so from now on she's a fashion editor too. On her blog she updates daily with her latest work, inspiration and personal photographs. Keep an eye on this girl, cause she is growing faster than you can die (the tips of) your hair in whatever hippest shade you can think of.

So, this is the hair that got my attention:

And in those pics you can see her styling:


To Almost Die For Suits

Watch it from ca. 2:45, and feel the freedom of those suited skaters riding down Californian hills. Saw this video at the Ari Marcopoulos exhibition in Foam, about which I told you before. It was made by menswear designer Adam Kimmel for his SS09 NY Fashion Week presentation, with Marcopoulos' film making assistence. You might call it al little late to share it now, but such a spirit of freedom never gets out of date.


Sacred Geometry

Super sick shirts by Elena Gallen, an artist and designer based in Barcelona. Her designs appeared in Nylon, Glamcult, and even Marieclaire featured her in the shopping section. Some cool people, like Giles Deacon or Gala Gonzalez, have allready been spotted in those pieces, so time has come for us to join that club.

Available online.