Ian Stevenson

Ian's work is hilarious without being obviously funny. His illustrations cover a women's bathroom wall, galleries, and Ilovefake magazine's Night Issue.

Images by Ian Stevenson

Linda Alfvegren

Linda Alfvegren's work is a perfect example from the new age of photographers we love, some of her latest, dark work got us so excited we asked her to contribute to Ilovefake Magazine's FAME/INFAMOUS Issue immediately.



This girls is going places. She moves easy, likes to have fun, doesnt complain and did i mention she's sweet like candy?? Be sure to check her out in the upcoming editorial in our Night issue!!

Maria @ Marilyn Agency Paris

Cyprien & Henri

Just been to Paris where I did a little casting at Success, these boys definitely stood out, together with the beautiful Maxime B. Here's a couple of the pics i made of rock and rolla Cyprien and cute classic boy Henri!

CYPRIEN @ Success, Paris:

HENRI @ Success, Paris:


Ah, I love Jonathan so much, I'm already planning to fly to Finland and shoot him as soon as possible!! A young edward furlong, with his 15 years old already shot for Dazed, i think this boy's ready to take over the world.

photos courtesy of Brand Models, Finland

small preview

photography by tsakonas thanos

photography: stefan ruitenbeek, styling: jordy huinder

I haven't blogged on here for a long time, but should def keep up! Here's a small preview of the upcoming WE OWN THE NIGHT issue of ilovefake magazine!