r.i.p brittany murphy

Brittany Murphy was found dead today at age 32 (source)
I don't have a lot of favorite actresses, and although she hardly got any big roles, I always felt like she was one of those b-role actors outshining the starring ones. That's why she was one of my favorite actresses who played in some of the movies i loved growing up such as Girl Interrupted and Clueless. I will miss her...:(

- Jolijn


Callum for Hero

I just love the latest story from Leon Mark with Callum for Hero magazine, had to share some of the wonderful dreamy pics...


Brand new issue

We have a brand new website & launched a fresh new issue "City Slickers" of Ilovefake magazine!

Check it on www.ilovefakemagazine.com

Happy holidays as well!

x Jolijn


Lina Ekstrand: grumpy girls illustrated

Way to cool drawings by Lina Ekstrand, a Sweden/Berlin based illustrator. Take your time to discover all grumpy looking girls and cute thingies that are scattered around, like the creepers, the studs, the palmtrees and the macarons.

See more of her portfolio here (image source), or check out her own site.