amazing new faces

Just came across a bunch of wonderful new faces on the ones 2 watch while casting....

sid ellisdon @ models 1 london

deimante @ city models paris

alisa @ ford

marina @ elite toronto

edward @ izaio models

josefien @ future faces

harvey haydon @ D1 london

anniek@ tjarda models

danny @ m and p models london

Elizaveta @ switch models

Adam @ storm models, london



YES these people are GENIUS!!!

The collaborative photographer duo of Pamela Reed and Matther Rader incorporate futuristic graphic designs within their photography to give their work a video acid trip cut and paste feel. Check their website and indulge yourself in awkwardness and bliss!!!


Thomas Lohr

Thomas Lohr is a young photographer originally from germany, now living and working in NYC. I had the pleasure to meet him and his work while staying in New York. Mainly shooting with analog cameras and polaroids, his daylight shadowplay makes his photos look graphic, energetic and magical.