Mudhoney, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and many more have been shot by Michael Lavine. Now they're all united in a book titled "Grunge", though it's not necessarily about grunge. When Lavine started shooting in Seattle in the 80's, he didn't focus on a particular scene. By naming this series of photos "Grunge", he wants to make us think about that word again. It is noteworthy that back then those kids were called punk. The term grunge came in later, actually as a kind of joke to create a terminology of what those bands where doing that time (via). But whether or not he wanted this book to be about grunge, when seeing Kurt Cobain on the last page, not hearing "grunge, grrrrunge, grungeeee" echoing in your head, is just impossible.

See more of his work here, and get the book here.

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