Pleasures for the brain

Since I was sick I was kind of urged to stay home and relax. Got totally hooked and hardcore addicted to (cult) movies again. I totatlly forgot that watching movies is way more fun and insane than going outside in the drizzy rain to possibly have fun with people you don't like. In my VHS-cult-cinema splurge I found some new magical gems and re-experienced some old classics.
Grind house Galore meets Godard meets Trash Fantastic. 

Here are some suggestions, freaks!

Faceless Television

Dr. Alien

Get Crazy

Neon Maniacs
New Wave Hookers

Death Game

Une femme est une Femme

Eugenie de Sade

Heavenly Bodies

Phantom of the Paradise

Visiting Hours
Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
Private Parts

Sweet Movie



Le Petit Soldat

Suicide Club

Profondo Rosso
Doom Generation

source: screencaps, tumblr and http://houseofselfindulgence.blogspot.com

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