Anders Lindén

Anders Lindén has a minimalist approach in his dark, moody pictures. He doesn't need much to create this atmoshpere. There's nothing really creepy around, but still his pics give an unheimisch feeling to me. I wouldn't feel very comfortable walking around in his scenery, getting the creeps from every crispy sound or sudden movement in the corner of my eye. Don't stare too long at this if you're planning to sleep, or it might hunt you in your dreams.

4 opmerkingen:

Urban Legendary zei

So lovely. So haunting.

Michelle Elaine zei

I'm really intrigued by the eeriness (or however you spell it - sorry) in these photos.


Emma zei

mmm, love these pics and your blog!
check out mine: http://cutthebrainsout.blogspot.com/


Orchid zei

so enigmatic...love the treatment of the images...its crazy!!!