Jonathan Waiter - Odd beauty

Most models will be agreed to be naturally beautiful and photogenic, so simply taking a picture of them where they're looking good isn't too hard. You will probably succeed in it without any photographic education, just snapping at random with a cheap camera. Jonathan Waiter chose another way. He dares to go beyond the natural beauty of his subjects, to catch them with wry faces and "ugly" grimaces. "Ugly" because the result isn't that unsightly straight away. "I like a certain oddness, or maybe something that reminds me of a wild animal", and he "want[s] the viewer to ask questions about the girl or have an intuitive feeling about the girls personality or mental state" (via). His images make you question beauty, instead of giving answers about it, instead of telling you what is beauty and what is not.

Waiter was born in LA, but has lived/worked in the Netherlands as well. He has a strong liking for Dutch girls, because "they have the most beautiful faces" (via). I really hope to see more his work in the near future! See more of his work here and read an interview with him here.

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