enter: Space

Bright Young Things Gallery is a small gallery in Amsterdam, showing the work of distinctive and talented, up and coming young artists in Contemporary Art & Photography. On friday 23/4 they open the exhibition enter: Space, in collaboration with Streetlab_. Katrien Franken, Sabrina van den Heuvel, Annika Keijser, Sandder Lanen, Karol Lasia and Michel Willemsen will all show their vision of the space around us and man's relation to it.

"Enter:Space portrais our surrounding, tangible or not, as the leading character in photo and video work.

How does man influence the landscape or atmosphere around him? How do surroundings influence man? What do surroundings or atmosphere, visible or not, reveal about human presence? All these questions centre around a non human subject that says everything about our humanity."

23/4 - 20/4 at Streetlab_Projectspace, Postjesweg 2 Amsterdam.

Katrien Franken

Annika Keijser

Sandder Lanen

Karol Lasia

Michel Willemsen

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