Igor Termenón - shades of summer

Jussst a quickie, but I looove the colour of spring / summer to begin, to end, when experiecing it all, those pics by Igor Termenón give me that feeling. See more HERE.

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Poli zei

wow! i like it so much!!)))
tnx 4 sharing!! i luv ur magazine. in spite of there are a lot of such magazines with quite the same photos (if you know what i mean, i cant define exactly) ur creation is very sincerely and realy high-quality product!!!!

TheRainWillRemain zei

Thanks so much for the feature!
I knew your mag but didn't know about the blog!


Lucinda zei

Summer light is definitely different - hazier somehow. Thanks for sharing these images.


Line&Trine zei

beautiful pictures, cool blog! have a look at our blog if you like:)

belle Armed zei

Wow, your photos are amazing. Love it. Id love to live inside of them, everything seems to calm and beautiful there.