Tim Barber expo

The bad thing about internet is that you hear about all kinds of things you will not be able to attend. Hearing about an exposition at the other side of the world is pretty easy, thanks to the ease with which all this information flows around our planet. Actually visiting it is somehow a little more complicated. So when I tell you about this, I hope some of you do live in Toronto, Canada, so you can visit this Tim Barber exposition in 107 Shaw Gallery and tell me wether it was worth it. Tim Barber runs tinyvices, which features the work of Ryan McGinley among others. He is also a photographer himself, doing campaigns for Stella McCartney lingerie or shooting for the Urban Outfitters catalog. His photos express the same kind of striving for freedom as McGinley's do. This exhibition shows work from a personal series Mystic Heather & Virgin Snow, about a girl with Mystic Heather coloured hair. See some of it here, and check out his website for more!