Jesus saves !?

Givenchy AW2010
Oh la la! Givenchy was a little bit exciting. I’m not sure if it was the rather fetching male models, or the sight of a man in studded jeans, but it certainly got my pulse racing. The looks were a heady balance of straight edge masculinity and edgy rock star androgyny. Case in point, the tight studded jeans paired with a crisp white shirt and bib. The trousers were all largely skinny fitting, but balanced in the looser, tailored, double breasted jackets and fancy shirts on top. The sandals were also a little on the girly side (in a good way) but slightly confusing for autumn/winter (global warming?) But they were probably just an echo of the Jesus theme that seemed to be a flutter, with the golden thorn neckpieces.

Well after that "saviour" moment at Givenchy, Jesus cropped up again in the Blaak show. It seems he’s on everyone’s minds what with Christmas just gone and Easter around the corner. Not that I’m complaining. The oversized crucifixion necklaces again reminded me of the vampiric (what’s with that?) and the ripped t-shirts paired with cropped shorts seemed gave the models a ghoulish, post-burial air. I’m not sure about the strapped trousers or the decision to put tweed shorts with basically anything, but the overall effect was slick and cool in the monochrome black and white colour palette devoid of messy details.

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