Meet Ilovefake's new blogger: Sarah Johanna!

Hello, my name is Sarah Johanna. As of now I will contribute to the Ilovefake blog.
I am a girl from the Netherlands (born 1987), with an insatiable hunger for interesting images. I wouldn't call all those images "eye-candy", because I wouldn't call candy one of the first life-needs. On the other hand, food is. So I would rather speak about "brain-food", because I think I would just die inside without my daily dose of inspiration. I know a lot of you around the world suffer from the same kind of hunger, I will try to serve you a proper image-meal on a daily base.

My taste in photography ranges from Valerie Philips and Chadwick Tyler to Edouard Plongeon. My room is cluttered with magazines such as i-D, Dazed&Confused, Vogue Paris, Nylon and old copies of Elle Girl. My iPod is filled with Fever Ray, Crystal Castles, the Velvet Underground & Nico, Fleetwood Mac, and Nick Drake. One last note: at the moment I've lost all my interest in fashion, I've had too much of it the last few weeks (but don't worry, the love will surely come back).

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miki zei

oh and Crystal Castles <3

Landa zei
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Landa zei

we all have that sometimes.. sick of fashion for a short moment :p