Wendy Bevan

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Wendy Bevan has been one of my favorite photographers since I first came across her work. I fell instantly in love with her dark mysterious and sinister polaroids. Never using any medium but polaroid, her work has been published by titles such as Russian Vogue, Italian Marie Claire, Nylon, V Magazine, Qvest, POP Magazine, I-D and more.

Short intro, who are you and where are you from?
I’m a Fashion Photographer and Jazz Singer from London.

Tell us more about your neighbourhood, is it inspiring or do you like to travel?
I love my neighbourhood, I live in Soho. Its so much fun. So many characters. I love to travel, I’m lucky that work allows me to do that some times. I like to also get out of town and go to the countryside.

How did you start your career as a photographer
Looking at old family photos.

I think your work is very haunting, it has a very Kate Bush / witchcraft feeling sometimes.... Tell us more about your dark side?
I can’t say too much, it’s a mystery and I’m as mysterious as that dark side.

I also see a hint of Cindy Sherman reference in your photos, can you tell us more about your interests and your influences?

Cindy Sherman is a great artist, I also love Deborah Terboville and Sarah Moon. They are great female photographers. I am influenced by many things though, and rarely turn to contemporary photography for this. Often I look back into Art history, I also use films, and the theatre as a source of inspiration.

You always use polaroids for your personal work, but as far as i can tell also for your commercial work, can you tell us why?
There is something so magic about the Polaroid. It allows you to steal a moment, capture it and put it in you pocket. Its such a beautiful tactile object.

Do you believe in magic?
I believe in Fate.

For you, what is the most beautiful thing to photograph and why?
The people I love: friends, family.

Do you have a photograph which has big sentimental value to yourself? If so, what is it?
A photograph of my mother when she was about 19. She used to be a model, and I think this photograph really influenced my decision to become a photographer.

Is there anywhere in the world you would like to go and photograph?

What has been your most fulfilling shoot to date?
Recently a shoot for Italian Marie Claire. I cast a group of my friends to model in a fashion story. The story was influenced by Cecil Beaton’s ‘Bright Young Things’.

Two people you would love to work with?
David Lynch, Isabella Rossellini,

What projects are you working on now?
I am currently working on recording my first Jazz album. I have a really great group of musicians and producers that are on my side. It should be out later this year if not early 2010.

I have also just finished several photographic shoots for some great publications, so I am currently working on the post-production for these. Watch out for my work in: ‘How To Spend It’ and ‘Grey’ magazines in September. In October the Independent, and the new online magazine ‘Test’. Also, Italian Marie Claire over the next few months.

For you, what is the best way to relax?
In the garden, glass of wine, in the countryside.

Why is the photograph important in modern day life?
It is a fantastic modern art form, and one of the youngest. It has so far to go, but has come so far already. Its opportunities are endless and exciting.

Where do you find inspiration?

What would you say is your favourite time of the day and why?
Very early in the morning. The silence is wonderful.

The most eccentric memory you can recall?
All my memories reflect the decadence of an eccentric. I am an eccentric!

What many people might not know is that you are also a singer ? Can you tell us more about your music? 
I am a Jazz singer. My style is influenced by the 1920-1950’s.

Do you have records coming out or any upcoming gigs ?
I am currently recording my first album. I have lot of gigs coming up in September. Check my Myspace for details: www.myspace.com/wendyrosebevan

What about making movies.... that could be a great medium for you as well no?
Yes, one day!

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