Apples & Pears

Summer please don't hide

Vogue Italia April 2012 Prom Night by Steven Meisel

"Crazy Clown Time"

By David Lynch

Eagle vs Shark

Love this movie

Protein gallery launch party


3,2,1,! / 1 Year KnuckleDusterAgency

gives you a killer night this friday (the 13th)! Hope to see u there...check out the teaser video below!
8 euro's - Club Home - 23.00 till 05.00 Amsterdam

3,2,1,! - 1 YEAR KNUCKLE DUSTER AGENCY from Knuckle Duster Agency on Vimeo.


For ILF #2

Jake and Tiago

For ILF # 2


We held our second launch party in London at Protein Gallery and after party in Whiskey Mist.  It was a great success and we thank everyone that came out and celebrated with us!

Photos by Nathaniel Corre and Daf Jones.

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Ilovefake Issue #2 Print

We launched the second print issue of ILOVEFAKE magazine in London last week.

You can get your copy online and in stores worldwide soon, we will update you with more details this week!


After the party it's the..


Grunge is not dead

Say Hi to Peace

Damien Hirst at Tate Modern London

This will be the first substantial survey of his work in a British institution and will bring together key works from over twenty years. Starts at 4th of April - 9 sept. 2012

Jolijn made a little video mix for our release party in London. Everybody come check it out and say hi on the 4th in London !!!



Claire & Sheila Hill bootleg

Special guest at ILOVEFAKE MAGAZINE - OPENING PARTY LAUNCH ISSUE 2: Gareth Pugh! He'll be DJing 7-8PM.

❤ Jai Paul " Jasmine " ❤

❤ David Hockney ❤

Last week of the exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts London!! Go and see if you have the time.

❤ Sally Singer ❤

3D Nails gotta love 'em